Christian Education

As a community of passionate disciples, Trinity works hard to support the ongoing spiritual formation of its members. Each week after the morning service and after the fellowship time, Trinity’s adults gather to study and deepen their faith. Our Christian Education Committee organizes adult classes in 4-6 week segments keeping our classes dynamic and always fresh. Classes tackle a wide array of subjects. These are just some of the themes we studied recently:

  • The Shema prayer of Deuteronomy 6;
  • Five Things Every Christian Should Grow: Bible study, Prayer, Worship, Service, and Stewardship;
  • A panel discussion on family worship;
  • The Christian Imagination and Aesthetic Apologetics: Literature, Music, and Cinema in Defense of the Faith;
  • Family: Embracing the Blessing and Facing the Brokenness;
  • Gruesome Bits in the Bible;
  • He gave us stories: Literary aspects of biblical narratives;
  • Lies and Falsehoods: A Christian Response to Conspiracy Theories;
  • Revisiting Handel's Messiah.