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Connection and Hope During Isolation


Each Tuesday from noon-1pm you're invited to join Pastor Andrew for a video-conference conversation.

The purpose of these discussions is to remind you of God's good work in the world, help you wrestle with challenging and interesting questions, and anchor you in gospel-hope.

Each week, we take a thought-provoking internet article or podcast as the stimulus for our conversation, bringing our faith into conversation with a wide array of topics—music, film, literature, and technology; also matters of biblical spirituality, church life, and theology. All are intended to broaden our horizons within the present crisis.

If you can't make it every week, we're still happy to have you when you can. To get connected to the Zoom meeting or just to find our what we're discussing, send an email to Pastor Andrew (ajdmyers@gmail.com) or click on the links in this week's Trending @ Trinity.