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Sunday School Fall 2019

Sunday School Fall 2019

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Every Sunday until December 8, 2019

11:15am – 12:10pm

Exploring the Psalms

Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring of a selection of Psalms. Many Christians find the book of Psalms both comforting and confusing. We may look to the Psalms for help and consolation in tough times, yet can have difficulty understanding what some Psalms mean.

During our study, we will seek to develop a better understanding of the Psalms, learn when to use them, examine different types, delve into their meanings, and learn how the Psalms can be used as guides for prayer.

Our goal is to find the Psalms to be more reassuring and less perplexing. Join us as we foster a love for examining and using God’s Word together as well as a love for one another.

We conclude the series with a Psalm Sing on December 8.

Instructor: Dr. Allen Curry



October 27         Psalm 1     Wisdom psalm

November 3       Psalm 69    Lament psalm

November 10     Psalm 98    Praise psalm

November 17     Psalm 51    Penitential psalm

November 24     Psalm 18    Thanksgiving psalm

December 1       Psalm 27     Faith psalm

December 8       Singing the Psalms

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