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Our Pastoral Intern


TIM IRELAND, Pastoral Intern


By God’s grace, Tim was born into a Christian home. In fact, Tim’s family were active members of Trinity OPC and Tim was baptized here as a young child. God was pleased to use the faithful teaching of Tim’s parents and church to bring him to salvation at a young age.

When Tim was five years old, his father took a job teaching at Reformed Theological Seminary, and his family moved to Jackson, Mississippi. Tim spent the rest of his childhood growing up in the deep south. Somehow he seems to have avoided developing a strong southern accent, though he does find the word “y’all” to be extremely useful.

After graduating from Mississippi State with a degree in civil engineering, Tim worked for several years in the oil and gas industry, first in Houston, Texas and then in Perth, Australia. In Perth, Tim joined All Nations Presbyterian Church and became actively involved in ministry there. Over time, the elders encouraged Tim to consider pastoral ministry, and he eventually decided to leave his job to pursue theological study. To this end, Tim moved to Philadelphia in 2015 to begin an MDiv in Pastoral Ministry at Westminster Theological Seminary. At the same time, after an absence of over twenty years, he rejoined the life of Trinity OPC. He is excited to have the opportunity to serve as pastoral intern here this year!

While at Westminster, Tim met his wife, Ah Young, who was also a student (MDiv, Counseling) there. Tim and Ah Young originally met in Greek class and were married this past summer (June 2018)! They are both in their final year of study and are planning to move to Australia to serve in a local church there after graduation. Tim and Ah Young spend most of their time reading and writing papers in the Westminster library, but when they do get free time, they like visiting museums, going to the park, or just relaxing together.